22 September 2006, University of Patras

    Researcher  ?

    Somebody among us






The aim of the event is to provide the public with the opportunity to meet researchers, to find out about their important scientific role as well as the major societal impact of their work, emphasizing the appeal of pursuing a research career along with the human side of researchers.

The event is open to the public, especially to young people, and in general to anybody who is interested in learning more about the research career prospects in science and innovative technology.

The Researcher's Night is a pan-European event that takes place simultaneously in most European Capitals and/or big cities, and in six Greek ones: Patra, Volos, Heraclion, Messologi, Lamia and Athens.










The event is supported by the EC project ReN in the frame of the "Researchers' Night 2006" initiative and by the Mobility Center of the University of Patras